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“Girls Stop Giving us sex”


The trend in the dating world now is that when two people are in love. they have to engage in sex to truly express their love for eachother.And I must say that this belief is generally spread among the ladies and it’s just due to their emotional build up


Ladies tend to so much believe they can compel a guy to love them after giving him sex. But I must tell you it’s so far from the truth. A guy that doesn’t love you will not love you, even if you give him the whole sex.

To make it worse, some guys think about the one they love even while having sex with you. They imagine it is that one they are doing and not you.

Guys love sex, no doubt and they believe no lady can be spared as the face does not determine the sweetness. Anything goes for most guys. Reason why you see a graduate guy having an amorous relationship with maybe a pepper seller. The package doesn’t matter, the content does.

So you trying to buy a guy’s love through the sex is just a waste of time. If he’s gonna love you, he’s gonna do that even without sex. But am sorry to say. Sex does not guarantee love .

Be a good girl with good attitudes, work on your personality, educate yourself, develop yourself mentally, be self dependent and maintain a hygienic physical properties, keep your body clean and be courteous. We will bow at your feet… Agree??

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