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David Oscar hits back at Yvonne, Lydia Forson for criticizing Mahama


Actor/Comedian turned musician, David Oscar, has consistently made his objectivity noticed, the entertainment veteran spares no chance to make known his views on trending topics.
Amidst the discussion on the president’s list of favorite entertainers, David Oscar seems appalled by the perceived sense of importance placed on “Mahama’s. List”
The actor who just release a song titled, “Monalisa”, took Facebook to express his disgust at the way celebrities are making a case on the issue. The man who was perceived to be a Mahama loyalist a few months ago wrote, “It’s funny when I see people create raucous over “Mahama’s list”. Why do we pretend that you need one man’s approval to validate your success”. He further fired shots at Lydia Forson,who had fired shots at him over the famous, #DumsorMustStop vigil. David oscar wrote, “Lydia Forson is hurt for not making that “all important list”? SMH.” He suggested that Lydia and other celebrities may be seeking attention, he wrote, “We need to quit seeking attention from every quarter and seek attention for the right causes”.

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“How does your name being mentioned by the president, help correct all the socio-economic developmental woes of our country, continent and world?”, Mr. Oscar questioned.

He used the opportunity to shade his longtime rival Yvonne Nelson, who marked John Dumelo as unqualified to make the “all important list”, he wrote, “Let’s quit being myopic. As for Yvonne Nelson’s comments, the least said about it, the better. Good night.”

Is this another attempt by David Oscar to correct the errors in his industry or just an attempt to step on Yvonne Nelson’s toes?

Source : Emmanuel Oscar Ugoh

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