VRMG Upcoming Ghanaian Rapper Athanasius Kporfor  known by his stage name as Elolo GH says he is fed up with the upcoming Deza (palm festival)  controversies,,

In a post on his Facebook

page, the Rapper express his feelings saying (unscripted)

“To begin this post, I greet all the Chiefs and Elders of Dzodze
I salute all my Senior Brothers and Sisters from our town.
I want to make my opinion On the on-going Deza Show Saga known to everybody today.
First and foremost I thank my Senior Brother Mr Seth Paradise for organizing such an appetizing and big show for the good people of our lovely Hometown and more grease to his elbows, I am and can never be Against such a wonderful Idea and I have no issues personal with him but if it must be done, it must be done well.in my opinion I think he should have done a little more research into this before commencing.
For those who are yet to know what I am saying answer this simple question before I proceed, -Can you Point a single town to me where you will visit for a festival and find out not even a single talent from the town is billed to perform? if you cant show me one then am telling you Dzodze is bound to put such record into our history books again soon.
am posting this here today because this is the second time is going to happen.and I can no longer keep mute while things go from bad to worst, I made Mr Robert Arizona Rash officially aware
of such an error same time last year and he told me he is going to. discuss with Mr Seth Paradise about this for corrections. and I believe Other key players involved in this showbiz who are based in Dzodze  also know well about this.
Well Because I hate reading long posts myself, I will hasten to emphasize the following points and end here.
1. Startickbeats crew has never begged to perform any show before and will never do
2. we are not against the Deza Edem Concert but rather in support for it.
3. Am not even ready to perform any show now since am back in school to try help myself because in our town nobody pushes rap music forward and to broaden my horizon I just want to see my pals like Tok,Static,Opopo and others on poster and rock stage.
4 .I already have a deal to feature Edem soon and will jump on it in this December.
5. Static and I want to advice all radio personalities from Dzodze to do their job right.
6 .The truth hurts and it pays to say sorry when one goes wrong than trying to pretend.
And more Importantly I want to make everybody know very well that this is my candid opinion and am entitled to it for it is said that Opinions are like noses everybody has one.
Thank you.
Shout outs to the Ketu South Industry Players and other media personalities showing us love we appreciate it much. Real recognize Real. watch out for a new song out soon entitled – Do the right thing from the camp of Startick Beats. This is your boy Elolo aka Candle aka Jagger.
God Bless Dzodze. Long live Deza. Deza mieduge, Deza Tegbe”

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DKlassgh.Com  speaking to his manager Ernest Kemeh A.k.a Kreata, this morning, he said :

” Paradise is trying to do a good work for the people of Dzodze but i will say part of his organising team are Novice in this entertainment game which might pull him down cos he is the one spending the money not them and he must do something about that in other to be successful in this business. .. My artistes will never beg to play a show in their own hometown… With time they should prepare to pay them when they need them on their show cos them making it to the top is just around the corner. . Thank you… God bless Dzodze.”

Source : D.Klass GH

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