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It wasn’t Michael Jackson? Iwas first to do the moonwalk – Reggie Rockstone


In recent times Reggie Rockstone has been trending in the news as title as the founder of Hiplife in Ghana was questioned by some industry people. He is back in the news, this time claiming he was the first person to do the moonwalk, yes before Michael Jackson made it popular!!!

Reggie Rockstone, has refuted history that records Michael Jackson as the originator of the moonwalk.The legend made pop history on March 25, 1983 when he gave an enthusiastic public their first taste of his signature moonwalk in honor of Motown Records’ 25th birthday.But Rockstone said before Jackson made that debut, he did that as a student at the Achimota School.


Rockstone told Bola Ray on Starr Chat, Wednesday that:“I was the first person to do the moonwalk. Even before Michael Jackson first did it. The reason that this happened was not because I was a genius. I used to watch Soul Train Jeffrey Daniel and that’s how I learnt it.I have video prove of Jeff Daniel giving me props on the dance. He came to Ghana and was at my club and he said so himself”.

Jackson’s sister, LaToya, also identified the former Soul Train and Solid Gold dancer, as her brother’s primary tutor in this endeavor. Daniel himself is on record to have said Michael Jackson made it popular. Rockstone however, admitted he did not invent it…

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