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Oprah Buys B.E.T. for $800 Million Cash – Promises To Make It for Black People Again

Oprah Winfrey

“B.E.T. once represented black excellence and I plan to put it back where it belongs” Said the multimedia billionaire Oprah Winfrey about her purchase.

Oprah bought B.E.T. for $800 million in cash on Monday and plans on folding the network into her Own television network.


Oprah says the B.E.T. channel will relaunch at
the top of the year with a new look and more positive representations of black people.

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  1. That is wonderful and I am happy for you

  2. The news of Oprah buying BET has renewed my faith in that we shall overcome the challenges to empower ourselves. I’m sure a more positive representation of Africa America people will in deed be felt when watching BET under the leadership of Oprah. The goal here should encompass great entertainment with a professional tone for excellence. The world needs to understand black frustration in a way that captivates white audience to a level of valuing watching the black experiences. There are many experiences to be told in should a way that reveal we are a forgiving people, with a strong desire to show the world all our gifts we have to offer in the field of entertainment. It is not evil for Africa America people to so desire change of a more positive note in how we perceive ourselves. With such a positive note installed in entertainment, I see our young black children growing in a world where they will no longer see themselves as unworthy. With that be said, I sure would like to see programming geared for our children and our teens, as well. [Robert Walker, Feb 16, 2016].

  3. Praise the Lord Oprah…You are definitely given back to your community…God has blessed you…

  4. Congrats on your wise and well planned purchase. When B.E.T. first came to the West coast, it wasn’t shown in Stockton, CA. And now with shows such as Bobby Jones Gospel retiring, we need more praise than ever.

  5. If she makes it better for more black people then it’s the same being on steroids BET(Booty Entertainment Network ). Spare America the continual shame of our young black boys and girls; men and women; and elderly! Just my take so don’t shoot the messenger.

  6. Love it , I am your biggest OWN fan . I am also a big BET FAN too ! So it works out fine!!

  7. Need to buy back Choice Fm in london that was The first radio station for black music in London

  8. I am sooooooo happy that this took place….

  9. If this is Truth, Oprah wants to promote Positive Images of Black People Kudos to her. I will respect her for that.

  10. Jerome Woolfork

    Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith buy BET. Oprah Winfrey buys BET. Which one is true? The Internet can be so misleading!

  11. Thank you Oprah. Too awesome for words! God is with you. God be with you. I would leave my job after many yeas, to help!!!!!!

  12. This is not true at all…Will Smith is buying BET for 600 million…

  13. Great. I hope she puts words of wisdom from the pioneers on every cocommercial break to promote unity in our community. The theme music should be “What’s going on”

  14. I’d say that’s a wonderful thing to do! It’s sad that everything is always swept from under the blks. This gIves us some hope that we are able to have and maintain. Bring FREE, BIG TIGGER AND AJ BACK THEY WERE THE BEST BET HOSTS! GREAT JOB OPRAH!

  15. She really done well.