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Flowking Stone Has More Haters In Kumasi Than Anywhere Else •

Every Story Has Two Sides… Flowking Stone (@flowkingstone) Narrates The Other Side They Wished You Did Not Know About.



I guess Flowking Stone is been disrespected once again… Its rather unfortunate I was not around to witness the ‘Flowkingdom’ built right on the #UNPLUGGED2015 Stage. However, I had some few “Bias-Free” colleagues who witness the event that kept Kumasi awake until some stars failed to shine and thus; putting most people to sleep.

I am not here to talk about the stars that failed to shine, but about the

  most underrated but extra-Talented artist in the country. As a Voltarian, I always had the impression Akans love each other a lot; and if you step on one person’s toe, be ready to fight thousands! Looks like Flowking Stone is not enjoying the beautiful culture of love among the Ashantis.

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I am trying my best to write this in a simple English language to avoid being misinterpreted… To be fair, I don’t think the word “Indiscipline” should be the right word to describe Stone at the Unplugged2015. Using words like “Tardy” or “Lateness” could sound more fair to everyone.

I don’t care how anyone feels about this; and I think its about time we stop sitting back with folded arms and watch a talent get suppressed. After Flowking Stone explained what really delayed him and making him “Indisciplined”, None of these people updated the negative posts and failed to apologize to Flowking Stone. What grinds my gears most is, they are from the same city as the rapper!

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Give me names of the best rappers in Kumasi… (I’ll Wait) I’m not sure you can mention more than 5 people every Ghanaian knows about. Why are these 5 people not fully supported by the people of Kumasi? According to reliable sources, Flowking Stone and his brother Kunta Kinte’s performance at the Tigo Unplugged was awesome!!

So all I’m saying is, If Flowking Stone is Disrespectful, Indisciplined, “Non-A**-Kisser”, Proud, Childish, Too Known and all other negative attributes, I think his hard work should be mentioned along side. Looks like what I have read so far means nothing happened at all in regards to stage performances.

After the show, I have never seen any tweet or Facebook post from my Kumasi friends talking about Flowking Stone. I don’t know if this is wickedness or just hate… But the hate is real out there challe… Where did he go wrong? Long Live Flowking Stone, Long Live Bradez, Long Live The Flowkingdom!!! Check out the Explanations to why they were later below

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