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The Most Powerful Ghanaian Celebrities You Need To Know.

There are famous people and there are Celebrities .

In Ghana however, we do have many celebrities and they can be ranked according to their respective clout. Some can command a crowd that others can simply dream of. These are the celebrities we term as powerful.

So without wasting much of your time, here are the 10 most powerful Ghanaian Celebrities.

Asamoah Gyan
Hate him or love him, Asamoah Gyan is like the salt in your food, too much of it and you can’t even taste it, the right quantity and you love it. Many Ghanaians term him as, “Odumfo Kumfo” to wit, “the savior and the murderer”. He’s brought both smiles and tears to Ghanaiansand we still love him. He’s popular among the Ghanaian population and well known around the world too.

He’s kind-hearted and loved by many Ghanaians who throng to him whenever he’s in public. Many young Ghanaian footballers aspire to be like him in their football careers and he’s also brought hope to many Ghanaians. This makes him very powerful in the country.


The young talented artist warmed the hearts of many Ghanaians with his superb style of rap and inadvertently raised the bar. He’s been the admiration of both fans and professionals in the music industry. The grand papa of hiplife, Reggie Rockstone even once proposed that a statue should be built in his honour.

This gentleman has really disciplined himself in his endeavors and even the president of MUSIGA, Bice Osei Kuffour popularly known as Obour, has even commended him on his ability to finance his own performance to really high standards.

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His fans are always ready to defend him with the speed of light and as he once said in one of his lines, “He’s got soldiers behind him” and yes it’s true, his fans are his soldiers.


Kwadwo Nkansah (lilwin)
One of Ghana’s funniest comedians who has taken the country by storm can cause a stampede with just his presence.

Even before he steps on stage to grab the microphone, mountains move. Almost everybody in the country loves this gentleman, both old and young due to his ability to make people laugh. This has made him very powerful in the country.


Daddy Lumba
Lumba has been singing for a very long time now. He seems never to go stale and keeps winning the admiration of many Ghanaians. Every song he releases takes a different dimension.

His fan base is enormous both in the country and worldwide.


Amakye Dede
Amakye Dede is also one of the musicians who commands a lot of power in the country with his music. Whenever he steps on stage, he’s able to make many dignitaries stand on their feet. He’s been singing for a long time now but still has that charisma that draws people to him.


Agya Koo
Before the Liwin’s and Kwaku Manu’s, Agya Koo was the man behind the gun. Truthfully although his popularity has waned a bit, he’s still powerful and loved by many Ghanaians. Though he’s surrounded by many controversies, he still commands a lot of power based on his initial contribution to the movie industry.

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Nadia Buari
Nadia Buari won’t be winning Oscars anytime soon but she’s really propelled career in the movie industry to unparalleled heights which has made it possible for her to be admired by all. She’s very popular among the youth and known worldwide and admired by many due to her disciplined lifestyle.


Jackie Appiah
Jackie has been a good actress since the days of “Things We Do For Love”. She’s grown from strength to strength and has drawn a lot of admiration over the years. She lives an exemplary life by shying away from controversies.


Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne may be one of your controversial celebs out there but frankly all that publicity has given her more power and clout.


Joselyn Dumas
Her presence on various talk shows such as the “One Show” and the movies she’s featured in has helped generate many fans who really admire her. Her powerful presence has earned her many brand  ambassadorship deals, such as Land Rover , Ghandour Cosmetics and Jobberman Ghana.


John Dumelo
The handsome actor has all that it takes to make fans especially ladies swarm around him.

His articulate nature has earned him a lot of power in the country which has skyrocketed his brand and won him many endorsement deals. He’s loved by many Ghanaians due to his gentle demeanor in most of his movies.

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Majid Michael
Majid, also a very fine actor has earned a lot of admiration in the country. He’s cherished by both men and women in and out of the country which has built him a very strong brand.


Shatta Wale
You can hate him as much as you like but this man is one of the most powerful celebrities in Ghana. Many are those who detest him due to his outbursts and rowdy nature but frankly speaking, when it comes to filling up an event, you need this gentleman. He’s so popular and powerful, what he tells his fans to do will definitely come to pass.

Shatta Wale is loved by many Ghanaians and others around the world for his style of music and what he stands for. He’s even come up with a clan named, SM4Life, which has a huge following.  Talk about powerful celebrities and you can’t leave him out.


Who is your favorite celebrity among them?? , Drop your comments Below.

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