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4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Tea Bread.

Whether its for Lipton tea, Milo or koko (porridge), a lot of us love eating bread and do so on a daily basis.
But it isn’t exactly the most healthy foods out there. Here’s why you should stay away from tea bread!

1. Lack of nutrients
Unlike other food items, bread, especially tea bread and items made from it lack nutrients. You’re not getting any fiber, you’re not getting the wholesomeness of grains — you’re basically getting nothing important out of it. While bread made of wheat is a little better, if you’re looking for nutrients, bread made out of whole grains are what you must opt for.

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2. Way too much salt
Most bread varieties, especially the processed kind that you buy from your local store, contain lots of salt. So if you eat lesser bread, the amount of sodium in your body is significantly reduced. Of course, one slice of bread, every now and then won’t do any damage. In fact, you can bake your own bread at home, without adding too much salt.


3. It makes you gain weight
If you eat too much of bread, because of all the carbs, salt, refined sugar and preservatives that it contains, it can make you put on pounds! Eating it in moderation is fine; especially when you take the time to make sure it’s as healthy as possible.

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4. It’s not a real meal
Since certain kinds of bread lack nutrients, when you eat them, you might not feel satiated, because it’s not fulfilling!


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