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6 Strange Things You’ll See At Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

The Kwame Nkrumah Circle area, otherwise known as CIRCLE has changed, the famous Kwame Nkrumah statue is no more, but it still remains a very busy area vibrant with business, transport and human activities.

This area is very notorious for various illegal activities and people will always advice you to be careful when using that hood.

When you get to circle, there are so many things you’ll see, from shoppers, to preachers, to commuters etc.

Below I present to you some strange things you’ll see at Circle.

1. Mobile phones on serving trays
Right from the Ebony area all the way to Odo Rise, you’ll find young men holding serving trays with mobile phones on them for sale. This is the way these guys sell their phones. Be careful though, most of these devices are stolen.

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2. ‘Rolexes’ being sold on the street
This I know happens in other areas but it is very prevalent and open around circle. People approach you whiles you’re in a vehicle or just walking through the area. These people are mostly shabbily dressed and shaddy looking. They present to you with what they call an original Rolex at a ridiculous price.


3. Thieves with backpacks
Waiting for a car around circle especially around the Ebony area can be quite tricky. You see all these people who look like they are coming from work with their backpacks. Don’t let it fool you, most of them are thieves who use that as a decoy to steal from unsuspecting victims. To catch them, just wait and watch their movements. They follow every vehicle that comes as if they wanna board.

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4. Pavement market
You might think that a pavement is meant for pedestrians but around circle, it’s not. It’s actually a place you can walk and buy basically everything you need. From phones, to chargers, to perfumes, to clothes, to biscuits. Pedestrians actually struggle for space to get past hawkers.


5. Prostitutes lined up in a queue like they waiting to board a vehicle.
So every red light district has the prostitutes always standing in a line…Around circle, these prostitutes actually stand in a queue form advertising themselves. You can walk from start to finish as they turn around for you to make your choice.


6. Prostitutes chasing clients for non-payment in their bra and panties.
This you’ll find strange because circle is a very busy area and therefore you’ll think these prostitutes will feel a bit ashamed or shy but no. In broad day light, you’ find them chasing defaulters for their money.

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