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You can’t dictate how I should live my life – Bibi Bright to critics.

Actress, producer and writer Bibi Bright who bounced back onto the movie scene last week when she turned 30 with semi-nude promo pictures has told Ghanaians that she has had enough of their criticisms. The beautiful actress on Radio Univers’ mid-morning show, Brunch 2 Lunch told Abrantepa, host of the show she lives life to please herself but not anyone because Ghanaians will pillory any act you exhibit whether good or bad.

According to her, she finds it worrying to hear people talk bad about the dress of others since the person who stepped out in the outfit feels comfortable.

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“There many funny things that happen in this industry. There is no way you can be an actor that people will not talk bad about you. I’ve been experiencing this ever since I was young so I’m not worried anymore.

To be an actress means you are printing your names on the tongues of people to talk about you and they can’t also stop talking.

“What is your problem when you complain about someone exhibiting too much flesh in an outfit when the person is comfortable? If you won’t wear that’s cool so why do you have to talk against someone who will wear?”

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Commenting on assertions that celebrities are role models so they should live exemplary life, she opined, “you cant impose role model on someone. The person has to see something he or she can learn from you before taking you as a role model. “

“If someone takes Rihana as her role model, it doesn’t mean the person should go in for tattoos or go naked when the singer does that. Maybe her music inspires you so it should end there”.

I’m doing me so if you want to take me as your role model fine but don’t tell me I’m your role model so I should do this and not that”

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