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12 Lines From M.anifest’s “god MC” That Throw Shade At Sarkodie & Other Ghanaian Rappers.

M.anifest (@manifestive) is arguably the best rapper Ghana has ever seen after Obrafour.  It’s not even up for a debate. What makes him unique is the fact that his songs are full of catchy and sophisticated punchlines.

His new song “god MC” set Twitter on fire immediately after it’s release. Twitter immediately analyzed the lyrics and  pointed it out that he was dissing all the Ghanaian rappers, most importantly Sarkodie who calls himself “King Sark”.


We’ve analyzed the lyrics ourselves and these lines are direct diss, we’ll try and mention who it goes out to.

1. “What’s a king to a god MC?”
First, the chorus is a straight diss, Sarkodie calls himself King Sark and has said it countless times he’s the king of Ghana rap.


2. “Don’t get intoxicated by these drunkards”
He’s warning the fans not to be deluded by these noise makers (rappers)

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3. “You wanna be king, get your ass in line”
Another one for Sarkodie …. 😭😭😭

4. “Call the fashion police, they can make an arrest, these boys copying the west, looking a mess, it’s retarded”
Probably to Pappy Kojo and Joey B 😂😂😂 and talking about the fashion Ghanaian rappers put on

5. “Ghanaians are still concerned about diplomas and awards”
He was talking about the constant fighting after every award show, the hard truth tho!

6. “Went from Inspector Bediako to Kumkum Bhargiya, progress or regress?”
This line is talking about Ghanaians in general and how we are regressing instead of progressing, our TVs are field with a million and one foreign content.

7. “When the boss is around, who can you boss around”
Talking about himself being a boss! We agree! 🙌🏿🙌🏿

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8. “Even my nonfa back then had sense in it”
He’s talking about the nonfa raps Ghanaian rappers produce, which focuses on rhymes only and no sense in it, we are guessing this goes out to Sarkodie, Guru and the rest …..

9. “I just chock it, laughing hard to their tears in a bucket”
He’s enjoying mocking them 😁😁

10. “Them dey claim pure gold, but them be copper, don’t compare a name dropper to a show stopper, like me”
M.anifest says he’s the best by far, even though many rappers [Sarkodie] keep claiming they are the best.

11. “W’ani Aba anaa? Vex for your corner, saa”
Just in case the rappers listening to this song bore, M.anifest is saying they can bore for the corner. W’ani aba is the title is his recent single featuring Bisa Kdei.

12. “Clash of the titans, I had dinner with Medusa”
This is a response to Sarkodie’s “clash of the titans” song which claims to be a diss to M.anifest, but M.anifest belittles it, saying, he had dinner with Medusa, meaning he’s seen worst.

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In the end he gave Obidi [Sarkodie] a shoutout, but I guess this is how he’s [Sarkodie] feeling right now?

Do you think the song is throwing shade at Sarkodie and other rappers?  Listen to the song below and do your analysis.


Credit : OMG voice.

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