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5 things that motivates Sarkodie’s success.

This is a point of view and it’s mine precisely. I have been following Sark for a while from his kasahari level days all the way to the top and I just can’t overlook the factors that motivated his successful musical career.

Sarkodie is no doubt one of the renowned rappers and musicians we have on our continent here in Africa, he has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is best at what he does.


In case you don’t know,the road hasn’t been all rosy for the BET Award winner and we are here to discuss the secret behind Sarkodie’s success based on these five elements.

TALENT TO SKILL.. Everyone has got talent some know how to play soccer,others know how to play instruments etc.


But when talent is sharpened, it becomes a skill — something you do with ease and we can testify that Sark is no more on the talent stage.

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He took time to nourish his talent,watered it till it germinated into a skill — there are so many talented people who haven’t even realized their talent not to talk of sharpening it into the skill stage.

Sark was able to discover his talent, took time to nourish it till it became something he does with ease therefore he stands out among his equals.



I recall a moment when he couldn’t remember some lines of his verse in his Wofa Kwame and Choices song during Sefa Kayi’s birthday on peace FM..

According to the rapper, the lines just come when he enters the studio and that’s a prove that his talent has been magnified into a skill.

DETERMINATION. We cannot do anything positive in our life without determination and looking at Sarkodie,the dude was a very determined hard headed personality and there’s no two ways that this virtue contributed to his breakthrough.

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This goes to support the first thing I mentioned on talent to skill — in the sense that,sharpening your talent into a skill takes some amount of determination.

CONSISTENCY. Sarkodie has been very consistent since 2012,he keeps getting better with each step he takes — you can be rest assured that you won’t waste your bundle downloading a song from him. Consistency!..

Just this year,he has released some of the most talked about songs — from take it back,a mans world,the way I feel,wofa Kwame,choices which I think is arguably the most popular song this year not forgetting bossy which is currently trending.

COMMITMENT The rap god is passionate and committed to everything that relates his chosen field. He is committed to his passion and we can all see the outcome..

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SMART. It takes high level of smartness to get to the pedigree where Sark is and even more to maintain that pedigree.

I won’t end without saying Sark didn’t do all this by himself, he had good management and a good team, watch your associations, they can make or unmake you.

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