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I had no beef with Edem – Agbeko Reveals.

Volta most promising artiste, “Wotome” Hitmaker, Agbeko (@ Agbeko_Bknight) in an interview with EL Vee in the chit chat Palace has revealed he had no beef with his colleague musician Edem .

There has been a long prevailing feud between the two acts which to some extent has led to some sort of squabble between their loyal fans.

In the interview Agbeko talks about his music career, how he started , how he managed to get to the last two music group headed by Da Hammer, How he left the last two and also talks about his relationship with Edem.

Below is the full Enterview :

El Vee: I welcome you to Chitchat  with El Vee. Hope you are fine.

Agbeko: Yes am good.

El V: Please you are known to be Agbeko. Is there any other name aside that?

Agbeko: Yep but some call me Agbeko number9 and others call me the black knight which was given to me by hammer and others also call me agbeko zwegbe

El V: Tell us ur real name. I mean your birth name.

Agbeko: My birth name is Bismark Agbeko Yakah

El V: As a musician,what kind of music do u do?

Agbeko: Well well well, I will say I’m a rap art but as a musician I mostly deliver what I get inspired with.

El V: So what’s ur musical genre. Hiplife Hippop or?

Agbeko: Though Hiplife is fusion of a little bit of hiphop and highlife but like I said I deliver mostly what I get inspired with so you should not be surprised when I sometimes do hiphop.

El V: When did you start music and How did it hapen?

Agbeko: Wow! Well,I starter doing music when I was in school but later after school someone in the ghetto(that’s Grey of Mobile Boys Fame) directed me where I can meet hammer because of the kind the of rap l do big ups to Grey anytime,anywhere,thanks bro. So I did follow up and funny enough I was a twi rapper by then. So when I first met hammer he accepted me and welcomed me in the last two camp. Later he kept accessing me , he told me he can feel am more of an ewe rapper than twi anytime I give him twi. So he gave me an assignment to write a full verse in ewe which I did and I realised myself that ewe was my thing but it was hidden in me till hammer discovered it. I give him that respect and props all the time .Salute to hammer of the last2 all the time. So I had the chance to come out a last2 compilation titled- Sounds of our time, which came 27th DEC 2004 and I was the first ewe rapper from that side.

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El V: Interesting!  What hapen before you left hammer’s camp? Some say you had a beef with Edem. How true is that?

Agbeko: Well I wouldn’t say yes because I had no beef with Edem, but I think it was Edem who got beef with me anyway so I don’t have much to say on that.

El V: Wow!. Did you decide to live hammer or he made you live? What really hapen?

Agbeko: Well I think Hammer got his own plans so I never decided to leave though . Bt still last2 4lyf

El V: How many songs do u have so far?

Agbeko: Wow!
Can’t tell for now but I would say roughly I have about 15 singles which are out online and more of unreleased one’s.

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El V: Ok. Which of them brought you into the limelight as Agbeko we all know?

Agbeko: That was the one on hammers sounds of our time compilation titled “WOTOME” followed by “LAY LOW” ft Sarkodie which came few years after and that was produced by Jay Soul.

El V: Waooow! Are those two your favorite songs?

Agbeko: Well that’s a hard one, I love all my songs though depending on the story line but as those were the songs that paved the way I will say Yes.

El V: Good one. Aside music do you do anything else? As in work?

Agbeko: I do legal business anything legal that brings money.

El V: Are you sign onto any record label?

Agbeko: Currently working with a record label and in a process to be signed

El V: Will you give out name?

Agbeko: Not yet

El V: Ok! How do you see the music industry now compared to when you’ve started?

Agbeko: It’s really changed and I think its getting a little better any ways.

El V: Lets get a little personal before we come back to music?

Agbeko: Personal! hmmm

El V: Yes. Please are you a shy person, extrovert or both?

Agbeko: Shy type. Alot of people know that for a fact but not when it comes work.

El V: Interesting!

Agbeko: Yes.

El V: I know you are from Volta. Which part are you from?

Agbeko: Sogakope, Dove to be precise.

El V: Right. As a child growing up, what did you dream of becoming in the future aside music?

Agbeko: A businessman

EL V : A fun of your’s wants to know when to expert a hit from you because its been long.

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Agbeko: Tell them soon because am working hard with my new team to release a banger.

El V: Please advice the hardworking uprising artistes for me.

Agbeko: Well well well, I will say humbleness, respect and humility they say will take you far without that u can’t even go some places plus most of all hard work.

El V: Any shout out?

Agbeko: Shout out to all my fans everywhere for their love and suport.Also Grey of (Mobile Boys Group).Shout outs to Country Wailer of Dela radio (Adidome) and to every DJ who promotes Agbeko’s music also to Selly, Maxbeat the engineer am currently working with.And also to Nature-Redeye of 2toff Fame and to any other engineer I have ever worked with. And each and every soul that supports the Movement. BKM is the deal Black Knight Music 4lyf. And I thank you El V soo much for having me on your ChitChat. I appreciate.

El V: Welcome. How can u be reach? Any contacts?

Agbeko: I can be reach via Facebook: Agbeko Zwegbe and on Twitter Agbeko_Bknight.
Contact: +233 5540 4881 business only

El V: Thanks for your time. Am privilege to have you on my Chitchat. I hope to have you again when you release the banger.


Source : Elvee/Dklassgh.com


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