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Infinity God – Grace Bentil Writes.


She blesses and curses her children each day. Her mortal self has given her the opportunity to see her great great…grand children and kill some whiles blessing some. The boss of her household sits in her arm chair and goes through the list book to check who is next on the line to be blessed or cursed. Rumours go round that she blesses her own descendants and curses her step-descendants; some rumours say the other way round. Gossips who are much older say she kills one from each family of her household so that fresh ones can be born. The young gossips also say due to her too much old age, she sometimes confuses who she actually has to kill, curse or bless. She blesses the ones who obey not her rules and even does some of the killings for her. She rains curses, misfortunes and trials to those who serve her with their own lives; the ones who walk barefooted on thorns to carry out her orders. The young gossips and children growing up say she does such mistakes because of her old age. Not to mention, she gracefully does what she is supposed to on regular and rare times no one expects. Numerous critiques go about on her daily behaviours and actions. No one has ever set eyes on her before but they know every detail about her. Well they know because, the information about her was passed on and discussed by elders to their children to discuss also with their children. Those who set their eyes on her are long centuries passed away, but left behind every detail about this mysterious old lady. Information like this is likely to lose its true value due to individual understanding and variation in views; but she manipulates the true ones she wants to remain forever and leaves the rest for minds to fumble around.
One of the valid information mishandled was based on gender.

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There is a misunderstanding between him being a she and she being a he. One concrete thing they know for sure her day of birth. They say she was a Saturday born. Those who say she is a male sarcastically call him Kwame Kokroko. A peaceful country like Ghana has attached her female name on the country so that her motherhood blessing would come upon the country and its citizens. She whispers a word of encouragements to people during failures which to her, it’s worth more than an hour of praise after success. Corrections do much indeed, but encouragement does better. The lover of this mysterious person wrote a short emotional letter to her.

“If someone should ask me if I have a best friend, my answer would be ‘Yes’; because I have You. If I should be asked if I have a boyfriend or fiancé, I’d strongly say ‘Yes’; because You are always by my side to comfort and fuel my heart. If I am to be challenged to have come from a worthy family, I will proudly give a positive answer (fight); because You provide me with everything I wish from mind. You are my redeemer, the rock of my life. I adore You even more than my breathe; the Noble King of my heart. Within You I find shelter, peace and on apex, LOVE. May You be raised above all lovers. I love You.”

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I bet you might probably be thinking what I am thinking now. The she some people confused themselves with was a He. The he other too nearly captured was actually the ‘He’. He watches over us through the night while we silently sleep. He makes sure we don’t end the day without at least sustaining our body or stomach with a bit food. He rains on our crops so that we can get something to eat. He sends sunshine to warm us up after a cozy warm and also brighten up the day. He is in love with us more than His lover in the letter has expressed he brings trials and temptations into our live with the hope that we would rise in our faith and believe He has a way in the mud. He does all these for us to be dependent not on mortal beings but on the little faith we have that He is always with us. A poor widow frustrated in her anguish once said; ‘If You think I am going through this alone, then You are wrong. I am suffering with You, so if You don’t want to suffer and feel the pain I am feeling, then do something’. He is mistaken for a female because of His motherhood affection for His children, us. In times of trials and temptations, we mistake and accuse Him for not being fair to His children.

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He says He will direct us when we can’t figure it out; Prov. 3:5-6. When we finally get the opportunity to explore our talents and we feel we are not smart enough, He says He will give us wisdom; 2 Cor. 9:8. The biggest disease these days is neither leprosy nor tuberculosis, but the feeling of being unwanted. Sometimes we feel so lonely in our lives that we don’t know where to turn or whom to reach; He is right there telling us that He will never leave us. Heb.13:5. Our loneliness results the feeling in us that nobody loves us. We feel so unburdened with the perception that nobody loves and will ever love us. He says to us all “I LOVE YOU” (John 3:16).

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