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Zygee Reveals what his fans should expect from his yet to release song “Boys Kasa”.


The Anlo Rap King, Zygee who was recently signed unto 3m music record label has Discloses in an exclusive interview with EL Vee what his fans should expect from him in his yet to release song title Boys Kasa.

“My fans shouldn’t expect something usual but something Exceptional” he stated.

He Discloses this and more in an  interview with EL Vee, Ghana’s cutest online interviewer. Below is the full interview :

El V: Good to hang out with you once again on this exclusive interview despite your busy schedules.

Zygee: Thank you. Its my pleasure to be on your platform today.

El V: Later this year, you disclosed to your funs about being signed unto a new record label. That’s 3M-Music.

Zygee: Yeah that’s true

El V: So far, how good or bad are you doing with them. Is it working out or?

Zygee: Hmm in everything there is a good and a bad aspect involved but i can boldly tell you today that working with 3M is a blessing.
3M music is a label when it come to music but what people don’t know is that its also a family of equality, love  and determination.

El V: Good to know. Lets talk about the songs you’ve released so far with 3M-Music. How many are they? 

Zygee: I released two freestyles and a mixtape on sarkodie’s bossy beat. No official single yet.

El V: And I heard your funs are really enjoying the one titled ‘The ARK’.

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Zygee : Oh yeah they showed they really love that one.

El V: Why ‘The ARK’?

Zygee: I am an Ewe branded Rapper and I Rap with the Anlo language which is one of the popular type of the Ewe language since there are several types.
My fans after listening to my Raps for some time came out with the title Anlo Rap King in short the ARK so I just decide to deliver few rap skills on that beat for others who don’t really know to also know what my fans mean.

El V: Thats smart. So is Anlo Rap King your nickname? Or is just a freestyle?

Zygee: It is a title from the mass and i love it like I do to my fans

El V: Nice one. So with this name, do you want to do music for for Anlo or you will spread your wings to other regions as well?

Zygee: This doesn’t make me Anlo artist because Anlo alone is too small to contain what I have in me.
I represent Anlo because I speak the language and that’s where I come from and I have to use the talent to let the world know Anlo, Volta, Ghana and Africa as a whole.

El V: Thats awesome. For a every long time now you keep surprising me and I know you do same to your fans as well with great tracks.

Zygee: Yeah Its my duty

El V: I have heard rumors that you have another surprise on the way coming. Kindly tell me about it.

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Zygee : Oh ok, I together with my management have decide to release our first single after the freestyles that got people talking and we are working on that now
Probably first week in September it will be out for real

El V: What’s the title of that track?

Zygee: Boys Kasa

El V: What should we be listening to in that track?

Zygee: This track is full of fun, punchlines and a story about what i passed through just to win a ladies heart and i even end up loosing her to Kasare who is featured on the song.

El V: Yea I wanted to confirm I heard you featured one of Volta’s best vocalist and a Happy Hitmarker on it.

Zygee:  Yeah Kasare is One of Volta’s best Vocalist as you  already said. He had a song with Galaxy and Co and his latest Happy causing trouble in the air waves currently

El V: Lol. Thats for sure.

Zygee: Yeah

El V: What do you have for your fans who I know are reading on social media already about the yet to be released song.

Zygee: Emm my fans shouldn’t expect something usual but something Exceptional as they themselves asked some few weeks ago on my social media page.
This is a song to easily relate to, so let us not keep it to ourselves but rather let the last person on earth hear this. Thanks to all the DJs promoting my work.

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El V: Good to know. Do you have any shout outs to send to some people? You have the platform to do so.

Zygee: Ok thanks. My first shout out is for yourself,  Dklassgh.com, My manager IK,  and his team. Not forgetting Kelly GH. I see u.
I can’t mention all but I say a very big thanks to everybody helping to make it happen and all my followers online, Nawanya family boys and girls yours is special and one  kind man Black T of Black T Boutique inside Anloga. They can also hook up with me on Facebook DeReal Zygee.

El V: Great talking to you.  And I wish you all the best on the unreleased song- Boys Kasa and the subsequent ones to follow.

Zygee: Amen. God bless you for this chance.

Zygee who is currently promoting his new freestyle titled “Journey to Anloga” is set to release his new single titled Boys Kasa ft Kasare soon.  Watch the space.

Source : ElVee/Dklassgh.com

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