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Zygee Reveals the secret behind his latest song “Adukonu”. |Read what said.


3M Music signed artiste Zygee has revealed the secret behind his latest song trending in Ghana now after few days of released.

Below is what Zygee writes about his song.


No matter how you look like, you are still an African.
Our culture and tradition is what defined us.
We shouldn’t live of lives in captive, sometimes let’s think Africa, let’s eat Africa, dance Africa, in fact my brothers and sisters let’s do Africa because that is who we are.
I change the ridim, yes I changed it. We were jumping with our hands up singing “All I do is win win win no matter what” forgetting the Agbadza, Adowa, Kpanlogo, Borborbor, Kpese, Adogbo, Kete, Tsiagbekor. We also stop listening to songs that make us who we were made to be, as my friend Aged Eli says “Borrowed woman”, yes our current women are borrowed women, where from the make ups, fixing of eye lashes, did our maker not give us enough beauty?. Have you ever asked why the white man is always in our country? No. They came to take what we have, reshaped it and give back to us at a very expensive price, a price that will kept us calling back on him.
My fellow Africans, where are we heading to, Martin Ocloo (ZyGee) is not stopping you from copying the whites but let’s be proud of African.
Shall we remain slaves for ever?, they produce pomades that will make and African man or woman look like them and we jump on them without thinking of its consequences.
Oh Africa are we safe?
You laugh at me because I could not properly speak the borrowed language, can’t you see the Chinese constructors in the country struggling to speak the English you think is “common”?
What happened to the Twi, Ewe my language, the Ga, the Hausa just to mention few.
Well no matter how I see my self, I am an African so I decided to release a song, not just a song but a song that will add value to your life, a song that will make you miss African proverbs.
“Adukonu dorme tor Levo”
Enjoy the “Atumpan”, enjoy the “Frontornfron”, enjoy the “Aglorwu”, yes I mean enjoy the Talking drum.

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Wish you all the best mama Africa

Written by Zygee.

Enjoy Adukonu below :
>>> Zygee – Adukonu (Prod by IK)

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