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8 Things you’ll hear only in Ghana.

8 Things you'll hear only in Ghana

8 things Ghanaians say that’s peculiar to Ghana.

Sometimes it’s easy to go about our daily lives not noticing what we say that’s originally Ghanaian, but once you start to notice compare it with the way the rest of the world uses the English Language, you’ll appreciate a lot more of if than you do now. So we compiled a list of 8 times when the Queen’s Language took a beating that we thought you’d appreciate.

1. I’m going to barber my hair – This one seems pretty normal to many. No doubt, very few of us say we’re going to cut our hair at the barber’s anymore… But that’s exactly what happens, unless one can tailor their shirts too.

2. Too known – Pronounced ‘Too-no’ If someone in Ghana has ever told you this, please, don’t take it as a compliment because they’re not commenting on your popularity. They’re trying to tell you that you’re a know-it-all, so don’t get too excited.

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3. Dash me something – A word commonly used that means ‘to give’, dashing someone something is pretty often used instead of just saying ‘give me something’…Probably because it’s less obvious.

4. home used – Used to say that an item used but freshly imported to Ghana. A peculiar thing because these days, some ‘home used’ items (second hand clothing, appliances) are more expensive than the new ones, even though they’re suppose to be used.

5. Your money will not reach – For those out there that aren’t yet acquainted with this phrase, don’t be alarmed, this has nothing to do with where your money is, rather the amount. This literately means that what you have isn’t enough for what you’re using it for… Take heart my friend, you’ll get the hang of it. Just keep reading.

6. One mother, one father – Used to refer to siblings who share the same mother and father, this is one phrase almost every Ghanaian is guilty of using, we just can’t help it. Although, one must wonder if there was a person who had more than one mother or father.

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7. Excuse me to say – A common precursor to something inexcusable, people usually say this in order to say something potentially offensive so be patient….But hey, at least they ask you to excuse them.

8. Flash me – A warning for our American and European friends, this definitely IS NOT used in the same sense as what you’re commonly used to. No one’s telling you to quickly show your private parts to them, they simply want you to leave a missed call on their phone. Although, how we’d love to be a fly on the wall of a conversation where this was misunderstood…:-)

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