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Kisa Gbekle blasts ‘fake’ actresses



Actress Kisa Gbekle has said some female personalities being referred to as movie stars and celebrities in Ghana are nothing but fakers who use their fame to engage in their unscrupulous activities.

The actress said many of such persons claim to be filmmakers, yet have no works to prove their claim.

Kisa who made the allegation in a social media rant says it is giving all ladies in the movie industry a bad name.

She cautioned the country’s traditional media to take note of such characters and their negative impact on children who are looking up to them as stars.

“Yes God creates and makes a star. But people make stars by acknowledging them for their works. So now let me hit the nail right on the head; in Ghana for instance we have a lot of stars who have their good works out there. But some people are also being referred to as stars because some Ghanaians think anyone who is always in their faces is a star. And some of these people are hyped more than some actresses, musicians and presenters. These people have no career but are popular…They’re the people that take social media so personal. All they do is fly to different countries, take pictures, sleep in different hotels, wear expensive cloths, sleep with a lot of men which I call prostitution. They have no career but we call them stars and idolize them,” Kisa stated on her Facebook wall.

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She continued…“My advice to them is let your job/talent speak for you, my sister. If you are an actress, madam please let your work speak for you and not your dresses or places you take pictures at or your body. Stop painting a bad picture about hard working actresses. I know we have stars in Ghana, I can boldly mention jobs they have done. Which I know you can too.

“Do you want your kids to grow up having no career but doing what those prostitutes do? Ask yourself that. Some TVs, radios and bloggers also acknowledge those people without career. Instagram famous, Facebook famous, Twitter famous just to mention a few. What are you teaching the kids, people? You telling our future leaders that they should be prostitutes and do anything for fame? My advice to people who acknowledge and help make these people stars-we have to be very careful because the children are watching. Let’s protect them please. Idolize the right people. Those claiming actress stop tarnishing the image of actresses. And those that have no career too but want to be idolized by prostituting…Know that you are leading the kids astray. My opinion anyway,” she concluded.

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Two months ago, Kisa expressed anger at the increasing perception and tagging of Ghanaian actresses as prostitutes. To her, it is unfair because some of them are decent women.

“It is annoying and I feel violated anytime people easily generalise that actresses are prostitutes. It is so easy for them to say that about us without any shred of evidence and it is sad,” she told Dklassgh.com in September.

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