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Buhle Mkhize threatens to expose her DMs, posts an insane topless vid from Miami


US-based fashionista Buhle Mkhize has one rule: No direct messages. And if you are not willing to play by her rules then prepare to be blocked or exposed.



Buhle carries a warning against DM’s on her Instagram bio, but she took to the platform on Tuesday to let fans know that she is serious about the rule.

“No DM’s means exactly that, no DM’s. But since y’all think I’m kidding, I thought I’ll let you know that my response to any DM is going to be blocking as of today,” Buhle wrote.


That rule doesn’t extend to famous people though. No, they have their own special treatment.

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“If you are a public figure, I’m not going to block you. I know how special you people think you are so I’ll make you even more special by screen grabbing your messages for everyone to read,” she wrote.

Buhle also defended her recent topless and twerking videos, saying that she is not looking for attention – especially from men.

“Most of you think I’m here because I want men’s attention. I actually don’t even want platonic relationships with anyone especially after suffering so much public humiliation because of ‘befriending’ people. I’m here to entertain, educate and help my way. Your only job around here is making sure you have data to watch them videos, that’s all,” she wrote

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Of course, one thing Buhle doesn’t mind exposing is her breasts.

She took to Instagram only a few hours after her rant to post a video of herself topless and caressing her breasts -but later deleted it.

Here’s a screengrab of the video which she has now deleted. (FYI: In the video she was fondling her breasts. over and over again)



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