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“I’m bitter and angry at Charterhouse” – MC fumes; George Quaye fires back.


Trust George Quaye, Public Relations Officer of Charterhouse, organisers of the annual Ghana Music Awards and Miss Malaika to fight back any time someone spews a comment he deems maligning to the brand.

One Akua Blakofe who once worked with Charterhouse on Thursday alleged that she was axed because she never supported the idea of artistes and managers buying awards from a scheme instituted to honor musicians for their exceptional works.

“I moved on. Life didn’t stand still. My career didn’t fail. But yes I’m bitter and angry because they tried to destroy me… based on me not wanting to work for little money and based on me saying no to payola at the music award. If I had done wrong… but all I did was demand good payment and no to payola. For that they tried to destroy me. So yes I’m bitter and angry. But trust me I don’t dwell on it. I only think about it when things like Shatta blasting them comes. Or when you mention Malaika,” she posted.

While commenting on a Facebook post relating to George Quaye’s latest gaffe in which he had announced a wrong winner for the ‘Duapa Challenge’, the former Charter House MC also alleged that her request for what she said was better remuneration for her services was left unheeded.

“And I don’t mind the public judging as I know all I did was say pay me for Malaika and don’t do payola music awards. This what happened. After that the muddying of my name began. Let the public judge me. Anyway I’ve wasted time on this. Like I said it’s not like I wake up each day thinking of cheater house. I would not even have thought of them if you hadn’t mentioned the fake beauty pageant. Believe me I’ve moved on. But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten. I will NEVER forget trying to destroy me for saying pay me for the job and don’t do payola,” she mentioned.

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As monitored by abrantepa.com, a bitter Akua Blakofe lamented how she “blindly and foolishly” promoted what she described as a “fake beauty” contest.

“Yucks! The days when I blindly and foolishly promoted fake beauty. Thank God I grew up….That was my last encounter with Cheater House. After that I became public enemy number one. Spoiling my name everywhere. All because…. you…. one day one day… the truth go out itself.”

“My dear my problem with Cheater House is not that I was replaced. I chose to walk out because they didn’t want to pay me. I was part of the original Music award team….do you know why I we pushed out? I was anti payola. Do you know how certain people got certain awards? I do. For a fact. What about the meetings where I was blacklisted? What about what they did to my Nigeria deal? Please you don’t know what went down. As for the self esteem… why can’t you give the women self esteem with their own God given hair, nails and eyelashes? The self-esteem comes from looking fake. Most of them are insecure in their own skin… think about it. Bonjour,” she stated.

Responding to the claims, George Quaye said Akua Blakofe needs to get over her bitterness and stop putting out information which in his opinion could lead to “useless accusations and counter accusations”.

“Lol…like I said, a thousand and twenty five things might have happened yesterday. Our ability to let yesterday be and appreciate today is what shows our true maturity. I’m pretty sure if you spoke to my firm too there could be a litany of reasons, actions, doings and dealings that won’t make you look good and will only lead to a lot of he did this, she did that, he said this and she said that….total useless accusations and counter accusations that won’t help anyone. You didn’t like things as you claim and you left. The music awards has gotten better and grown stronger. Miss Malaika is doing just great. And you are also doing super my darling…so what’s with all the bitterness, anger, name calling and little insults? What will it really do? It’s been over a decade. Is it so impossible to move on?

“…Like I said, claims and accusations won’t help anyone because I could also list their is issues with you and then leave it all to the public to judge. But that’s not maturity, where I come from. There are always 2 ways to resolve an issue…either party either parts ways like nothing ever happened and look on to better things or one or sometimes even both apologise to each other and move on. Bitterness and anger won’t do you any good especially when the organisation you are so bitter about is doing great. Allow God to heal your heart dear. Charterhouse has nothing against you because yesterday was too small to hold us down. We are grateful for today and look forward to a brighter, better tmrw [tomorrow]. A tmrw in which you and us can work together without the pain of yesterday dragging anyone back. The growing up process can be complicated. Sometimes closing your eyes to certain things and letting go is one of the main features. Let’s do lunch when you have time…might be a good step to healing fully. If they ever did any wrong to you, which I know they didn’t, please accept my apologies on our behalf,” George Quaye replied.

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