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10 Undercover And Unchangeable Characters Of Shatta Wale, You need to Know

It’s with everyone unique characteristics that makes them stand out in an organization,gathering etc.

These characteristics can be on the physical looks of an individual, their emotional strength,their voice and expressions among many others.


It’s with this we can say,that person is always punctual and it is his nature. We take a brief look at Shatta Wale’s nature since he’s arguably the most talked about musician when it comes to ”behavior”.

There are some features about the dancehall king that simply makes him unique and it will take a great deal of effort to transform such nature and we list ten of such characteristics of the dancehall commando.


  1. Shatta Wale is outspoken; one thing you can be sure of is that,the musician will always voice out his opinion even if it means offending others. He just won’t shut up.


2. He is naturally a die hard spirit, with everything that surrounds him in terms of bad publicity and negative reputations,the man still refuses to bow.


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3. The kakai hitmaker is inconsistent: this attitude and behavior is the ”new feature”,he says one thing today and simply contradict himself the next day. Such a pity!



4. Shatta Wale is hardworking, the guy has some blood in his veins that kind of pushes him to work more and harder everyday,and of course he is on top because of this attitude I am sure he will attest to that.


5. Aggression, dude is always aggressive in nature even when he is smiling or laughing.


6. Wale is offensive and that can be attributed to his aggressive nature. He has with words,offended so many industrial people in the entertainment fraternity.


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7. He is a leader and I need not say more.


8.  A full round music genius; Ghana has talents in music but Shatta is a rare music talent. He makes his own beats and produces himself. Dude is a champ! You can hate him but he always has a way of making you love him with his ingenuity in the musics.


9. Bragging: Dude is the only Ghanaian artist who openly brags about what he has and how much He makes from various shows, projects etc…. which many will attest to no wonder this impression has made many people think he is the richest musician in Ghana which might  be true or contrary

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10. Likes Women: If you never knew, The King Is also romantic and also appreciate ladies all the time even when granting interviews  even in his musical lyrics  he does appreciate ladies especially those who have been good to him. Example Is Mona A.k.a Hajia4Real lol


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