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Reasons Why Yaa Pono Was Declared As Winner Of The Current Beefing

In the first place, Shatta Wale was afraid of Yaa Pono.
Yes of course, because Shatta Wale never engaged in a beef with Samini, Criss Waddle or any other artists in our music industry and come out to say that, he is done with the beef meanwhile  he is yet to experience why the man himself Yaa Pono  (Faster than gods ) ask him to say Fi.
Now On Why Ghanaians Declared Yaa Pono As Winner Of The Current Beefing.
– Shatta Wale’s Say Fi was wack
– Shatta Wale embarrassed himself in the Say Fi track  (Onya ye toto and only making noise ).
– Say fi was unprofessional
– Shatta has forgotten that, ponobiom was faster than gods, so he has to choose his words well.

– Shatta Wale also has forgotten that, ponobiom asked him to say FI without knowing what his intentions were, hence choose his lyrics well.

Now on the winner himself Yaa Pono  (Faster than gods) GBEE NAABU
– lyrically he kills it
– he was professional
– he gave Shatta Wale a true diss track
– His track was able to silence the SM soldiers

– he gave Shatta Wale the reason for saying Fi

– he has the nation behind him.
– his punchlines

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In my conclusion, I will say that,  we all love Shatta Wale and his music but he must not reply Yaa Pono by saying Fi because he Shatta Wale is the biggest musician in Ghana now and see the hype Yaa Pono gain from him. I personally was expecting Shatta Wale to ignore Pono before I listen to Skin pain and I was totally speechless. Well is their job.
But in all I will say that Yaa Pono ‘do all’ and that is the reason why he was declared by many people as winner of this beef. Yes he deserves it.
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