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#JourneyToFame: EL Vee interviews Chief-One Gh

#JourneyToFame: EL Vee interviews Chief-One Gh

“It requires wisdom to understand wisdom. The music is nothing, if the audience are deaf”. On this note, I welcome you to the online chit chat (JOURNEY TO FAME WITH EL VEE) with your sensational artiste Chief One.

Hiphop/Afro Pop singer , Chief One Gh has talked about his music carrer, how far he has come in this game, his biggest fear in life, and many more.

The Rapper known in real life as Micheal Ivan Nyagamadu speaking on ‘Journey To Fame with EL Vee’  disclosed that he got his stage name Chief One way back Senoir High School, his  friends gave him the name Chief One because they let him know that when it come to rap he rules the whole school…  and off course he had a battle with one rapper during thier sports season, Actually it was a tough battle but he won it,

He also disclosed how he came about his slogan Oboboboeee  saying : “|As I was rapping, one girl from Ola secondary school shouted “Oboboboeee this guy is a beast ” I quickly picked Oboboboeee from her mouth because I really love how it sounds, That’s the source of my slogan too “😄😄😄


Now take a deep breath and read what Chief- One Gh said on Journey To Fame with EL Vee below:


Elvee GH : Welcome to my chit-chat ( Journey To Fame) with me El’ V.
Chief-One Gh ‬: Cool, Thanks
Elvee GH: Few years ago I got attract to you music wise by two things.
1. Is your stage name. Chief One and the other your slogan “Oboboooboeeee”. Tell me the origin of them.

Chief-One Gh ‬: Good… Chief One is my stage name and Oboboboeee is my slogan… I got the name Chief One way back SHS… My friends gave me the name Chief One because they let me know that when it come to rap I rule the whole school… Yea I had a battle with one rapper during our sports season, Actually it was a tough battle but I won it…. As I was rapping, one girl from Ola secondary school shouted “Oboboboeee this guy is a beast ” I quickly picked Oboboboeee from her mouth because I really love how it sounds, That’s the source of my slogan too 😄😄😄

Elvee GH: I think thats being smart, But will we see you in future changing your stage name?
Chief-One Gh ‬: No please…. Chief One is final. actually the name Chief One went far and I don’t think I can change it again,Is cool for me and my fans love it
Elvee GH: Ok. You told a little about your SHS, please which school was that?
Chief-One Gh ‬: Saint Prospers college Ho, Prosco
Elvee GH: Oooh I see.
Chief-One Gh ‬: Yeah
Elvee GH: Brief me on how you started music. Or how you discovered your musical talent.
Chief-One Gh ‬: Music is part of me from birth I really love music and I can’t tell you the year I discovered my musical talent, I learn nothing call timing… I remembered my primary school time in Sogakope Comboni, My class mates always call me to sing for them and I always entertain them. Professionally I started music 2010, Is a gift from God
Elvee GH: So how many years now from birth?

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Chief-One Gh ‬: 24
Elvee GH: Ok. Thats to say you are 24years old. At 24 will you say you are comfortable doing music?
Chief-One Gh ‬: Yes
Elvee GH: What kind of music do you do?
Chief-One Gh ‬: Versatile… I do all type of music
Elvee GH: How many major tracks do you have?
Chief-One Gh ‬: 15 officially released… I got more than 100 tracks pending in the studio
Elvee GH: Lol, Talking about the studio, I believe you remembered the first time you entered the studio like “I want to record a track”. What is that track? And how was the experience?
Chief-One Gh ‬: Yea it was normal because a friend of mine have a ghetto studio so we normally go there and play with the mic so it wasn’t all that nervous because the engineer is my own buddy…. The title of the first demo is #history, is group thing thou… But all wasn’t on point…. Some of the acts went off beat…
Elvee GH: You mentioned earlier that, you had released 15 songs officially at the moment. For the sake of my readers, can u mention them?
Chief-One Gh ‬: Sure


Your Bodiee



Dirty Flow

Joy daddy






Empty Promises

Laugh out loud

I Dey Beg


Azama Freestyle

Elvee GH: Nice. As someone who follows your progress on social media, I know all these tracks can be found on loudsoundgh.com. Tell me why do you prefer only loudsoundgh to blog your stuffs. Is there any speciality?

Chief-One Gh‬: This tracks can be found on numerous site not only loudsoundgh.com….Yeah the C.E.O of loudsoundgh.com Mr Aborga got my back from day one, he is like a father to me, He always push me to go hard, He believed in me so I took loudsoundgh as my official site. He blog my song for free ,
Elvee GH: What inspires your music?
Chief-One Gh ‬: Society…Things going on around me… Everyday life
Elvee GH: Nice, I know you did alot of collaboration with fellow arts from Volta. Is there any collaboration outside the region?

Chief-One Gh ‬: I collaborated with only two arts in Volta and those arts are in the same record label with me…. Now that I’m working with one star in the country
Elvee GH: So to say you are yet to feature an artist outside Volta.
Chief-One Gh‬: You are right
Elvee GH: Who is that star?
Chief-One Gh ‬: Zeal of multi award winning group VVIP
Elvee GH: Wow! You went for a big fish. It means you are rich.
Chief-One Gh ‬: Lol, I’m not yet rich and I’m not poor too..
Elvee GH: Lol.
Chief-One Gh ‬: Yeah 
Elvee GH: I believe this is exclusive on my chat – Journey To Fame. It means you really mean business. How soon will your audience wait for this feature?
Chief-One Gh‬: I and my team love to surprise
Elvee GH: I love surprise too. So we will wait.
Chief-One Gh‬: Yeahh

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Elvee GH: Lets talk about Volta music industry and we will come back to your journey.
Chief-One Gh ‬: Ok
Elvee GH: Do you think Volta entertainment is favouring you the artistes?
Chief-One Gh‬: Yes of course
Elvee GH: Please brief me on the benefits I may not know.
Chief-One Gh‬: Our Djz help push our song on radio, The bloggers also blog our songs
Elvee GH: Have you ever paid “payola” before?
Chief-One Gh‬: Never I don’t pay payola… I cook good food so it sells itself… That’s by his grace
Elvee GH: Wow!
Chief-One Gh‬: Yeahh
Elvee GH: We had seen a couple of artist emerging from Volta with hit songs across Ghana in the past. I can mention the likes of Agbeko, Tordia Chicago, Gbagbladza and finally Edem came to stay for long. Are you desperate to blow and join Edem at the top? If yes how soon?
Chief-One Gh ‬: Yes sure… Can’t tell you the actual time Chief gonna blow but all I know is I’m a super star in the making… God time is the best
Elvee GH: Will you do anything to blow?
Chief-One Gh‬: Hard work and prayer
Elvee GH: What is the biggest rumour you heard about yourself since you started music?
Chief-One Gh ‬: Chief is using  juju to pull fans

Elvee GH: Is these rumour true ? Because for me everybody is entitled to his religion and believes.
Chief-One Gh‬: Lies , I’m a Christian

Elvee GH: So what about this rumour about Chief using drugs?
Chief-One Gh‬: Lies…. I don’t smoke, I drink occasionally that’s Heineken
Elvee GH: Haahaahaaa. Wow!
Chief-One Gh‬: Yh, Fact Vida
Elvee GH: Do u have any video to your credit?
Chief-One Gh‬: Yh I have one video but I couldn’t push it hard because my dream bigger than that although is a standard video but I don’t push… Just for my YouTube channel, am also shooting video for my new song Sugar which will hit the scene soon

Elvee GH: Ok, What is your biggest challenge in your music journey so far?
Chief-One Gh‬: Financial problem and hating from other arts
Elvee GH: Will you say that, you have some arts who hate you? And what makes you think so?
Chief-One Gh ‬: Action speaks louder than words…. Is part of the game… Normal for me now…. Let’s smoke this off
Elvee GH: Cool, What is your biggest fear in life?
Chief-One Gh‬: Thanks dear, I fear God

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Elvee GH: Please I don’t mean what you fear. But your biggest fear. That thing which strike you, For example my fear is accident and addiction
Chief-One Gh : Oh okay, Accident
Elvee GH: Lol. We have something in common. I always pray to God against that.
Chief-One Gh‬: Yh same here, This chat supposed to take place in one pub🙄 , Enjoying thou
Elvee GH: Am told Chief is expensive. How expensive are you?
Chief-One Gh‬: Can you break it down??? Expensive how?
Elvee GH: Charging when billed
Chief-One Gh‬: Oh okay, Actually I don’t charge myself that’s my management…. Moreover quality things cost
Elvee GH: Haahaaaa, I understand
Chief-One Gh ‬: Yeah 
Elvee GH: I will make leave of you.. Before that how can my readers hook up with you?
Chief-One Gh ‬: Social media
Elvee GH: Ok. Whats the handles?
Chief-One Gh‬: Facebook :Chief One GH
Twitter :Chief_One_Gh
Instagram :Chief_One_Gh
Mail : [email protected]
Elvee GH: Nice
Chief-One Gh‬: Blessed
Elvee GH: Let’s kick by giving some shouts. I think you should start with your girlfriend.
Chief-One Gh : I’m not dating,  Still single
Elvee GH: Lol. Just give shout out before you land me in trouble😃
Chief-One Gh‬: Big Shout to you first.. You are doing great in the industry… Second one goes to my die hard fans worldwide… To my team… To my management, to my family (Os_Family) I thank them all #Oboboboeee, Not forgetting my Maker.. GOD🙏🏿 #Oboboboeee
Elvee GH: Thanks for your time Chief. It was interesting chit–chatting you🙏
Chief-One Gh‬: Anytime Vida🙏🏿


Chief one is currently Promoting his new single Sugar and set to Unleash the video tomorrow, saturday 1st july 2017. Watch the space.

‘Journey To Fame with EL Vee’  is an online chit chat with top Ghanaian Celebrity stars that comes on every friday night at 7:30pm Exclusively on Dklassgh.com. Powered by DF Media concept  and www.onetune.ga


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