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Ghanaians are fools – Rashida Black Beauty finally speaks after her nude video was released




In the early hours of Friday, a leaked nude video of Malafaka Beauty Queen also  Rashida Black Beauty was released onto the social media. As usual, Ghanaians will not keep mute about such incidents.

Following the insults been showered on her on Facebook and other social media network Rashida Black Beauty took to her Facebook Page to apologise to Ghanaians.


Hello Ghana, I am sorry and I regret my actions , there is a lot of explanation to this video but I guess the harm has already been done so no one will be willing to hear what I have to say or tell them. All I want to say is I regret my actions and I hope Ghanaians do forgive me … Thank You !

Just a few moments after she released another video on her Facebook Account insulting Ghanaians for rushing to judge her without listening to whatever explanation she has to do, though the damage has been done. Below is a translated script of part of what she said.;

So you are on Facebook here insulting me. What do you think you have or who do you think you are to insult me? Haven’t you watched pornographic materials before? Is it not from your mother’s P*ssy that you were born? Haven’t you seen p*ssy before? You Ghanaians are all very foolish. You are very stupid. All those of you fooling here on Facebook, I will hey you arrested. When something happens, instead of you to find out what is going on, you are there insulting me. Instead of you to think about your life and future, you are there thinking about me. It simply means you are useless. All those who are there insulting me, I say your mother’s p*ssy. ‘Malafaka’ Leave me alone to feel my feelings. There is nothing you can do at all. Am I the only one who has ever done this kind of video? Please, leave me alone! ” She said.

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