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The Tails Of Rashida Black Beauty; The End Of Cheap Fame. 

I see a beautiful African girl, from a poor but rich culture being influenced by the western world, and now she has lost her sense of womanhood. She has absolutely degraded herself from a day-like-mirror-shine to totally a waste in a white man’s dust bin. Where is her sense of womanhood? Is there a way to revive her? Or we should laugh and forget because she’s beyond saving? Who made her like this? Is it not the same media who made her popular? 

Where is the African pride? Where’s the virtue of a black woman? Have we been so influenced by western culture to that extent that we can’t think or is it the same  person we blame always, the devil? 

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I see no humor in any of this. We can never blame JAGWE AWARDS and same way we can never blame her. In a short statement she shared on facebook, she said she sent the video to her white boyfriend. So what actually happened then? So you see, a white man is at the center of this. 

I saw her in a short video as part of Kofas Media No Ko Fio TV series(Video is below)  on instagram and she’s doing pretty well in front of the camera. Then why don’t we push her? 

And to the young girls out there,cheap popularity is like a naphthalene ball left at the open, it may seem to last but will sublime quick and disappear. This is exactly what is happening to Rashida Black Beauty. So why don’t you work hard, try to make your own name, it may take long but it will be worth it instead of some eleven minutes fame. Think about it. 

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Watch Her Role In Kofas’ No Ko Fio Series… 

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