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#JourneyToFame : EL Vee interviews Jonilar

Ghanaian Publicist and Brand manager, Jonathan Nii Laryea popularly known within the showbiz circles as Jonilar was on this week’s Edition of #JourneyToFame with El vee, Ghana’s Cutest’ online chat show host and he has these to say about himself, Volta entertainment, when El vee asked him series of questions‬.

Below is the full chat:

El V: Welcome to my new chat “Journey To Fame “.

Jonilar: It’s my pleasure.

El V: For the sake of my readers. Please brief me about yourself.

Jonilar: The name is Jonilar,an Acronym for Jonathan Nii Laryea. I hail from Nungua a suburb of Accra and works professionally as Publicist,promoter and brand expert.

El V: Ok. You have been one of smartest icon in the entertainment cycle.. Where and how did these journey and the love for entertainment begin?

Jonilar: Thanks for the compliment. My love for entertainment and music specifically started at a very tender age. When I used to listen to GBC every morning and evening at 6. The rest of the question is kind of difficult for me to answer because my life as a growing young man revolves around music and entertainment. I started professionally close to five years ago and here I am today, still chasing my passion despite all the ups and down.

El V: Wow! Great

Jonilar: But it never came easy,I sacrificed a lot including time to learn, many people believes I can’t do it because of my background and comparing the advantage s people hard. That even encouraged me to do more and still learning because this is just the beginning of my whole journey in the business and I pray God continues to guide me and my well wishers

El V: I know you have love and passion for Volta music even though you are not from the region.

Jonilar: My mum comes from Ayitikope, a suburb of Akatsi. So you can imagine the connection.

El V: Oooh ok. Because am told you are from Ada.

El V: How will you describe Volta entertainment?

Jonilar: Volta Entertainment is a growing industry and the future looks bright. All we need now is an organized and United front to take it to the next level. The Entertainment industry is a potential one that can fetch a lot of revenue for the Region if stakeholders pay serious attention to it.

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Jonilar: I only spent four years in Ada serving the government. It’s over so am back to full time Entertainment business.

El V: Good to know. Because most people feel its a waste exploring one’s talent in the region.

El V: You had worked with a couple of artistes from Volta Region and outside the region. But the one which caught my attention is your time with team Hecta.
At a point you left the team does it mean you don’t believe in him anymore or you decided to look else where. What really happen?

Jonilar: Well it only means individually, people who have the intention to do entertainment should position themselves well, so they can command some level of respect. Talents in the region are not waste.

Jonilar: It all started with Fiamor (previously known as Ayigbey killa). Hecta is one good artiste I will never regret working with. We enjoy our working relationship as people in business. The problem we had was occupational and it happens in every business environment. I don’t officially work with Hecta now but if they approach me for any assistance or if there is the need for me advise his team on one to two things, sure I will. It wasn’t a personal a problem. It’s something work related and we got over it. We are cool.

El V: Ok. Nice to know and I believe my readers relate too.

El V: Have you heard any rumour about yourself which is true and which one is not?

Jonilar: Sure I know many people will love to know what actually happened.

El V: Haahaahaa

Jonilar: Rumours are not my thing though. So far as a human being living in the society people will surely fabricate things and say about you. I sincerely don’t focus on what people think about me. I’m concerned about what I think about myself and how to make it in life through my career and support somebody one day.

El V: But I have heard you are a very money conscious gentleman. So am force to ask what kind of working relationship do you have with moshes’ music signed artist Keeny Ice? Is it business or just a love for a talent?

Jonilar: Well money is not everything in life. If it was for the money, I wouldn’t quit my previous job for Entertainment which pays lower. I’m not money conscious. I believe in making money from your God giving talent and potentials. If I was money conscious,I would have ventured into other areas that will feature me more. I knew Keeny Ice from a distance as one good artiste, i have published his songs on two occasions before he approached me late last year for this huge project we are embarking on with Mo’shes Musik. Keeny Ice is more than what people sees him to be. He is a promising brand full of plans for the future. His unique style of Rap and music is just one aspect of him. That’s why Mo’shes Musik flew down here to invest in him.

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El V: As a brand manager to Keeny ice, is it business? Are you being paid?

Jonilar: Every new beginning has it own challenges . We are not making any major returns yet so you don’t expect things to be smooth as you want it . But what I can assure you is,things are taking a good turn and very soon we will all jubilate. We have negotiations

El V: Hahaa. You really swerve this.

El V: How many upcoming artistes are you working with closely at the moment? And who are they?

Jonilar: I’m not working for free. What I basically mean is that artistes are supposed to be making money from their songs,shows and affiliates. Keeny Ice at this state is very young so it’s all about the passion

El V: Ok. I get it.

Jonilar: Keeny Ice would have made over 50,000 thousand Ghana CEDI’s this weekend from ‘Gankivi’ downloads if he was an American musician. But the song is going out for free downloads and people are still downloading it for free from his website. So that’s it.

El V: Hmmmmm. Are you frighten for Ghanaian music?

Jonilar: In terms of revenue. We have foreign digital stores where people can buy songs and video but we need a local one where you can even purchase your favourite song through mobile money and pay at least 20p to support the artiste

El V: Really? Mobile money related?

El Vee: Wow! I believe somebody will buy into these idea and come out with an app soon.

Jonilar: Sure. Aftown.com

El V: You have seen and experience a lot in music. Do you trust an artist can emerge from Volta as a big brand soon after Edem? Because its long overdue.

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Jonilar: There is one out but we need more.

El V: As a promoter, a publicist and a brand expert, what do you think the artistes are not doing right in Volta to compete with the likes of Kofi Kinata, Tee flow etc?

Jonilar: A lot of them. Keeny Ice recently said on radio station in Takoradi that he is the next big thing after Edem. Agbeshie,Hecta,Remy J,Dimormi,Spicer etc are busy working. Artiste from the region are seriously working hard. Trust me they will break through soon

El V: Many fingers are still cross. Because as humans we believe in results.

Jonilar: Sure

El V: Please this is the last question

Jonilar: Oh ok

El V: As a promoter, a publicist and a brand expert, what do you think the artistes are not doing right in Volta to compete with the likes of Kofi Kinata, Tee flow etc?

El V: Its important we tap knowledge from this.

Jonilar: Well a lot but I think it’s also a growing process for every artiste. We can’t force them to do something when they are not there yet. But to get to the top,you have to be passionate about the work,be unique,learn everyday,wake up and do something when everybody is sleeping and never forget your God. Consistency is key.

El V:. Your last words and regards.

Jonilar: I want to thank God, my well wishers for their love and support. To everybody supporting the artistes I work with,God bless you. To you Elvee for the privilege. Stay focus and do what makes you happy. ‘Gankivi’ is out now.!

El V: Thanks for your time. I really appreciate you being on the journey.

Jonilar: I wish you well,


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